Bon Voyage

Today was my last Saturday morning trip to the market in Apt.  I have managed to hop in one of the teachers’ vans every Saturday and go, because it is one of my favorite things to do here, and I wanted to make sure I never missed a day and hopefully saved up enough memories for my return to the United States where there is nothing like Apt’s market.  My roommate Lindsay and I enjoyed our last trip together: our first stop was coffee because we were tired from a late night of Vernissage celebrating last night.  For some reason, my favorite coffee shop in Apt was closed today, but that was all right because it gave Lindsay and I a chance to try something new.  We sat down at a table with two modern wood chairs facing out onto a side street of the extensive market.  A giant, gray awning encapsulating the café in it span shaded us.  We ordered two cappuccinos and took out our purchases from the bakery just before, and I munched on biscotti, sipping my warm coffee, and tried to scan every detail of the market with my eyes: processing, remembering, and being a French girl.  After our energy boost, I helped Lindsay pick out a gift for someone, and I bought a beautiful silver bracelet made from a fork, by a woman who I imagine my friend’s mom: Mimsy Taylor’s sister to look like.  This woman is petit, and her face is sunkissed with freckles.  She is a very talented artist and speaks pretty good English.  I had been eyeing this unique “fork” bracelet for about seven trips, and finally decided to splurge.  Lindsay and I accomplished every mission we had laid out for this trip to Apt, and we peacefully meandered through the crowd of people, slowly walking back to the van, reluctant to leave, but sleepy with satisfaction from our coffee date and purchases.

Last night the Vernissage was amazing.  My love of art galleries made the time go by fast, and I left about half of the exhibition to look at in my free time today.  I may not even have time to see it all, as things are being sold fast, and I love talking to the artists (my friends, can you believe my friends are the artists?...I can’t).  Not far into the first hour of the Vernissage one of my favorite teachers bought one of my pieces.  He bought an ink and watercolor print I did about my interpretation of Paris, it’s called “My Paris.”  The piece includes small sketches of little things unique to my experience in Paris, such as grabbing a woman’s arm in the Louvre thinking it was Marissa, walking alone, having breakfast with Lindsay and sitting with Justin on the Champs de Elysee on the last day.  Professor Boggs said, “it’s whimsical” and perfectly fits the woman he’s giving it to as a gift.  I enjoyed doing finishing touches like playing Jazz music from my computer (thanks Dad, for some great songs) in the Studio where all of the Architecture and Interior Design boards are because it was too quiet in there before and not very welcoming.  I enjoyed walking through the Graduate Student room where they had really entertaining work such as these three personas: Provence, Paris, and Barcelona.  There was a large board printed for each persona with a picture and description of the average Provencal, Parisian, and Barcelonan personality and also a personality quiz we could take to find out which one we were.  I, surprisingly, am Paris.  The graduate students also had cheese, sausage, and fruit hors d'oeuvres, lively music playing, and a “post-it” note wall where we were instructed to draw ourselves as a super hero on a “post-it” note and stick it to the wall.  Afterwards my friends and I got the pizza truck, and then Lindsay and I walked to Bonnieux and back.  It’s interesting how my walks to Bonnieux are always filled with religious conversations, no matter the religious beliefs of the person I am with.  I suppose two hours is the right amount to time to begin to express feelings on faith.  Now I am in the Library, all dressed up, and about to go out and work the Vernissage once more.  This day should be filled with even more guests, and we have a reception in the studio from 5:00-7:00 pm, followed by a Bon Voyage dinner at Café de Sad.  I am excited, and also sad, that the circumstance of our dinner is “Bon Voyage.”

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It looks and sounds fabulous. Congratulations on another art sale! Love

May 27, 2012 | Unregistered CommenterAnn

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