To the streets
Friday, May 25, 2012 at 07:16PM
Ann Barry Burrows

´╗┐Today at 3:00 pm we will start the Vernissage.  We've stuck nametags to chipboard and I remember putting yellow sticky tack on the back of one nametag, and my tag had to be more than the required five inches at the bottom right of my inking because there was a missing stone on the wall.   The way the art looks on the winding streets of Lacoste is like nothing I've seen before, I'm going to try to get a picture that captures it as best I can.

The power went out in the cafeteria this morning, and cooled us all down before a scorching hot day of running up and down the stone streets to put everything in it's rightful place.  A work by my friend Joshua is already sold, and the Vernissage hasn't even started yet.  Right now everyone is just about finished, corners are being tilted and glass is being wiped.  Some less-prepared people are cutting last minute matte, after lunch everyone will be showering, shaving, and getting glamorous for essentially a presentation of ourselves, and what we represent.  This is the first time some people have ever been in an art show, and what a memorable first time it is.  At this moment, I am inside, out of the sun, recharging before four hours of mingling and smiling on Lacoste's streets. 

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