It's all in the details
Sunday, May 20, 2012 at 04:26PM
Ann Barry Burrows

Today is the last day before our final presentations of our Residence Hall and Community Space.  I feel like in a way, Ben was my teacher this quarter.  He has a work ethic that is so effective, Brie describes it as “no concept of stopping.”  There is never a time when Ben doesn’t feel like working, where normal people get restless or tired he feels natural and continues to sit in front of his computer, designing away.  Sometimes he shuts down and takes a nap, but it’s more of a reboot, and then he starts right up again and continues to do amazing, detail-oriented work.  Over the past few days Ben and I have been examining our presentation board, tweaking margins, changing typefaces, rendering extra sketches to better portray our design.  I have learned more new tricks in Adobe’s Photoshop and Indesign in the past week than I have in my entire career at SCAD.  And I am pleased to say, I am very satisfied with what Ben and I will be presenting tomorrow. 

I may have already mentioned this in the blog, but the concept for our project is to “simplify your experience.”  Ben and I hope that if students were to inhabit our spaces, they would simplify their experiences in order to focus on what’s important to them.  This quarter, my partnership with Ben has taught me how to focus on what’s important, and convey my message in the most sincere and efficient way. 

As I prepare my mind for the presentation I think about our Community Space coffee shop, still without a name, which embodies ideas of warmth, festivity, and nature.  I think about how I must be sure to mention our materials, and how we chose materials common in the area such as wood, stone, concrete, and terracotta roof tiles.  Our materials are durable and will wear well; they make maintenance and interaction with the space simple and direct.

Ben and I both plan to wear “simple” black tomorrow, to carry our concept even into our wardrobe (my idea).  I figured this would be easy for Ben because he has about twelve black T shirts for some reason.  I feel as if I know every roof, stone, and fireplace of our design (yes, there’s a fireplace in the coffee shop).  I enjoy the way Ben and I both have detail-oriented minds, but have focused on different details: combining our architecture and interior design skills we have truly acknowledged each element and produced a striking, simple space.

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